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Your Website, the island

Your website is probably the most under utilised marketing platform that you use at the moment! A bold opening statement, but probably true! If you were to compile a list of where you are placing your marketing and advertising spend and then number them from 1 to 10 in order of importance, I bet you're not placing your own website at the top and you're also not spending nearly as much as you are with the other advertising channels.

This is wrong. You really should be placing more importance on your own domain as it represents exactly who you are and what you are selling. It has your colours, your logo, and it tells customers where you are and it probably also tells them how long you've been in business. No other website will have the same level of personalised detail as your own website. So shouldn't you be placing the same level of importance on your own website as you do with the website you're spending the most with? Yes, you should!

"But wait," you say - "How do I make the stock on my own website as prominent as the big companies I pay lots of money to?"

Well it's quite simple really. By placing your used stock on the website you automatically get great exposure, and because other dealers like you are also placing their stock here, it increases Pickacar's exposure - a real Win-Win situation. Also, when you use our Auto Agent system (that's what we're called), your stock will automatically be placed on - at no extra cost or effort. It just happens.

"Won't it cost me a small fortune to get the big companies who build these expensive websites to make my website better?"

No, you don't need a new, more expensive website, you just need a website that does the right things. Talk to us because we have the expertise to make sure your website does its job correctly. And no, it's not going to clean you out financially. In fact, you'll be pleasantly surprised with our pricing.

So, why does this work?

Quite simply, we build absolutely brilliant car dealer websites, with all the functionality that any dealer would require. Our websites are mobile friendly (cellphone, tablet, netbook) and we spend lots of time (and effort) making sure that our Search is Optimised - every single day. We love Google, and we love making sure that Google loves us too!