GWM Steed 5 Review: More 'Chi' from the Chinese? - Conclusion

GWM Steed 5 Review: More 'Chi' from the Chinese? - Conclusion

Reviewed by Shawn Jooste


After a week with the Steed 5, there were the obvious comparisons with a Hilux or an Amarok. The Amarok and the Hilux are no doubt better bakkies, the Hilux has a long history and pedigree of being a tough reliable bakkie, and the more recent Amarok is taking home all the compliments in the luxury department.

But as much as the Hilux and Amarok are better than the Steed 5, there is a R200,000 price difference, between the Steed and the Amarok, and the Hilux is at least R100,000 more than the Steed.

Is the competition better? Certainly. Is the competition R100,000 or R200,000 better? I’m not so sure. The GWM Steed 5 is actually incredible value.

There are a few things the Chinese need to address, and the Steed 6 is on it’s way soon enough. The Steed is already very very good value for a R240,000 bakkie, if the Steed 6 can hold it’s value proposition, and improve in a couple of key areas I think the Hilux and the Amarok are going to be in some trouble.

*About the Title - what exactly is 'Chi' - it's a Chinese unit of length or 'Chinese Foot'. Apt for a bakkie that has ample space, neh!