GWM Steed 5 Review: More 'Chi' from the Chinese? - Overview

GWM Steed 5 Review: More 'Chi' from the Chinese? - Overview

Reviewed by Shawn Jooste


Made in China. That looks familiar doesn't it? We see it on everything, everywhere, and it’s been there for so long we hardly notice anymore. But somehow, Chinese cars just haven’t seemed to cracked the nod. We’re quite proud that our cars are made locally, or in Germany.

Your iPhone is made in China, which you happily flout in front of your friends, but would you buy a Chinese car and be as proud of it?

Chinese cars seem to have a bit of a bad reputation, to be honest the first generation of Chinese cars, were less than stellar. In fact, some of them were just down right rubbish.

But car manufacturing has come a long way over the last couple of years, and there aren’t really any horrible cars on the market any more.

So we spent some time with the GWM Steed 5, a double cab bakkie, just to see how far the Chinese have come.

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