Nissan NP200 Review: Lekker little bakkie - Overview

Nissan NP200 Review: Lekker little bakkie - Overview

Reviewed by Shawn Jooste


Small bakkies have been the backbone of the South African small business for many years. Plumbers, Electricians, Couriers and every Handyman relies very heavily on the usage of their bakkie. And as such, these bakkies are often expected to be bulletproof and extremely reliable.

These bakkies come in under the 1 Ton range of bakkies and need to be affordable to purchase, re-fuel and maintain. It’s a tall order for any manufacturer, and Nissan have made a few bakkies in this segment over the years. Most notably in recent years has been the Nissan Champ, which served as the trusty work horse for many small businesses in South Africa. Now, Nissan South Africa has given us the Nissan NP 200, which we had the chance to drive.

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