Not finding it in Gumtree Durban Cars for sale? In Durban we sell!

If you’ve been down the road of spending hours looking at Gumtree Durban Cars for sale, then you might like to know that we have a range of excellent used cars for sale from dealers in Durban and KwaZulu-Natal. It’s not to say that you will not have any luck finding lot’s of used cars on Durban Gumtree (of any other free classifieds website) but it’s just that these sites are not designed to sell cars - and that’s exactly what the website does.

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It is built with one purpose in mind and one purpose only; to show you used cars for sale in Durban and the rest of South Africa! What’s more, all the cars on this excellent website are from used car dealers, so you are safe knowing that you will not be scammed by someone pretending to be selling a car and then you find out after leaving a deposit that the car is actually not theirs. Or worse – you buy a car from a legitimate seller and then discover a week later that the car has some major mechanical issues and it leaves you with a scary repair bill – this wouldn’t have happened if you had purchased a car from the website!

Dealer’s offer you warranties and are able to make sure that the car you are buying is in excellent condition as a dealer wants to sell you a problem car as much as you want to buy a problem car. Our dealers will also arrange finance from you and make sure that the paperwork and registration is in order.

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This website is also mobile friendly, (you might even be reading this on your iPad at the moment) and we’re sure that you will love the easy to use and simple interface that is built exclusively for selling cars online. No other website in South Africa offer such a simple, mobile friendly experience for shopping for used cars in Durban.

Below are just a few points that you might like to know of:

• All our cars have warranties.
• All cars are for sale by dealers.
• We have a finance calculator that allows you to work out your monthly repayments.
• We only sell used cars, not surfboards or TV’s.
• Our site is mobile friendly, fire up that iPad or smartphone.
• Lots of quality images for you to look at.
• No private vehicles on this website – therefore No Scams!

Have a look at our used cars for sale in Durban or cars in KwaZulu-Natal we’re sure that there’s something in here for you!